Installation and setup headache

Hi all,

Can someone guide me to just what i have to install and in what order to get a fully working install that i can use.

I want to be able to use the latest versions of the SDK etc.

I have installed VS c# 2010 and it only lets me have the 4.2 sdk. I then installed VS2012 and 4.3 and then could not create applications.

I have then tried various combinations but still cannot get latest setup operational.

Where am i going wrong?

FYI i am running windows 8.1


You can use VS2010 or VS2012. We recommend VS2012. However, both will run the same firmware on the device so the device and the code will function the same (NETMF4.2)

Did you see the steps here? .NET Micro Framework – GHI Electronics

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@ Geoff, the one thing you’re “missing” is that you need to make sure you target the right framework version when you create a new project under VS2012.

As Gus points out the support page here leads you through the three things you need (Visual Studio, the netmf core SDK, then the GHI SDK). Once you’ve done that, either VS2010 or VS2012, you can create projects that target earlier framework versions.

netmf4.3 is not supported by any GHI board at this time. There is a community 4.3 port for Cerberus family. So unless you have this, your app will still be targeting the 4.2 framework. Create your project, and then in the project properties make sure you target the correct framework version for what your board supports.