Install firmware -> the board unresponsive


I have troubles with one of the EMX-128 board ( I have four in total)

After flashing it with Firmware it becomes unresponsive.

The firmware upload itself happends w/o any errors.

Not recognized as USB device, to ping from tinyCLR, no signs of life.

The only way to bring it back to life is to switch to bootloader mode and reload tinyCLR (using TeraTerm)

I use the exact same firmware to flash the other three boards w/o problems.

Looks like some hardware issue. Maybe flash ? Any suggestions on how to proceed ?


when you’re following the exact same process on three other boards and they don’t display the same behaviour, you know the process works. The only explanation can be hardware. Putting that one module aside is about your only option at this point.
At the module level, you’re unlikely to be able to deal with a single component failure. About the only thing you could potentially do is replace the EMX module itself.

Hello Brett,

Throwing out this module sounds like a good advice, except that these modules are no longer produced and no longer available. So for me they are precious. That’s why I wonder what could possibly fail… and if there are some low level bootloader commands to deal with this situation.


you can replace them though - G120 family

Brett, I know that. However there are certain restrictions (firmware compatibility and pinouts) that prevent me from using G120, without changing everything. G120 is not a direct replacement.

You say 4.2 firmware and then TinyCLR. There is no TinyCLR 4.2. the current version is 0.10.

If you need NETMF then the need the netmf SDK. Could this be the problem?