Install Firmware for Cerberus

Halo! I try to install the firmware. Cerberus is connected to #8 and I can see it (after set the BOOT pin high) under “Devices and Printers” ( I use windows 7)
But I can’t see it in DFU Tester (version 3.0.1),
Thanks for help!

What type of power module are you using? Also is STM32 BOOTLOADER still showing in the “Devices and Printers” while not showing in DFU Tester?

Which firmware did you try to load? I cannot find firmware for cerberus in this new release.

Helo!, Yes, correct. I’m using USB Client SP 1.2.

I try to load the version (Cerberus.dfu ).

Hello Dulcinea,

This should not be possible. Try to use a different PC and/or re-install the DFU Tester program. As this program and driver is not made by GHI, this is out of our control.

Okay, I will try it. But all harware and software parts are from GHI :wink:

Yes, hardware and firmware is from GHI; however, even though we provide DFU Tester (v3.0.1) and STM32 BOOTLOADER driver on our website, we did not program these particular programs and do not have anyway to fix these if there are bugs.

I can ping the Cerberus via MFDeploy and I can deploy my applicarion via VS2010.
But I get an exception (ArgumentException), if I try with a joystick module at #4:

AnalogInput pa2 = new AnalogInput ( Cpu.AnalogChannel.ANALOG_1 );


I hope, you can help me…

Was the topic issue resolved? If so, please re-post this new issue in a new topic thread for easier tracking. :slight_smile:

Helo! Oh, sorry. I will creare e anew topic.
To the “old” problem: will try today to install the DFU Tester on an another PC.