Insider's Special Shipping Announcement


Insider Team Member,
We are in the final stages of processing the shipment of the Insider Hardware Kits. We are shipping these via United States Postal Service (USPS) at no charge to you. We will be placing a value of $10 and classifying them as “Samples, not for resale” for customs. Depending on the country you are in, there could be delays in receiving your hardware quickly. If you prefer, using a different shipping method such as DHL or FEDEX, please provide your shipping account# or arrange payment (approx. $50-$200).

PLEASE respond to this message by emailing, with your shipping preference . Either USPS as planned, your account # or that you prefer to pay us directly for a different shipping method.

We will be eagerly waiting for your response before we begin shipping.

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Bugger - major conundrum…

Send Greg my DHL account # and get new toys faster to then get in the dog box with the missus when she does the accounts and gives me major bollocks for spending on toys that in her opinion i dont need…

I’m sure there must be a way i can get it past her :flushed:

About $500 worth of goods for free is a good investment :grin:

I would agree, my wife wouldnt :smile:


Would Justin even be allowed to explain to his wife that this was “insiders” pre-production hardware, under the terms of the NDA? :rofl:


That just makes it even more dodgy :rofl:


Easy solution. Get a new wife. Problem sorted. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


OMG … LMAO I can’t believe your said that

I know. If my wife knew I said this, she would probably kill me. :smile:

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Waiting for GHI product is really dangerous ! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hello Guys,
I’ve been using this service for over three years and it works great! And I recommend you try it as it is much cheaper than DHL and the likes! it is a service offered by Aramex! Basically they give you an address in more than 30 counties and your suppliers send to that address and then the shipment gets forwarded to your local country home address!
PS: I have no affiliation to this company or anything I’m just a user of their service!


I checked the prices and it is too cheap to be true! @Greg_Norris this maybe a real good thing to give it a try!

It is real I have been using for the past 3 to 4 years now :wink:

I even received GHI hardware through my address in NY!


The main thing is to avoid adding any extras to the packaging as those guys charge mostly by weight and per lb! For example 1.2lb is billed as 2lb!

I usually tell the shippers/sellers to not throw any extras in the shipment like magazines, flyer and unnecessary packaging!

I should receive my wonderful gift tomorrow… Can’t wait ! :wink:


Lucky you. Package status didn’t change for me since Jan 24… maybe tomorrow

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Me too :grin::+1::grin::+1:


got one update for my shipment
Jan 27 : Your item arrived at an origin transfer airport in O’HARE INTERNATIONAL, CHICAGO, UNITED STATES
maybe here next week or the week after :frowning: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Almost here :slight_smile: 1200km to go

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My item made it to my Shopandship New York address and is ready to leave to Morocco and the cost is $25 for the 1.54lb so as I said earlier once The weight is passed a pound you get charged the full pond!
Thank you guys :blush:
I hope this can help alleviate the crazy shipping cost charged by others!