Infrequent exceptions on SQLite Database Query - database malformed exception


I am using GHI Electronics NETMF SDK 2016 R1.exe on G400.
The preconfigured database file is on the SD-card.

The database -file is opened, a very basic query is done and afterwards the database connection is closed by dispose

The are infrequent exceptions after different device startups with the message "database malformed"
The database file is not malformed.

We tried the memory database, it worked well.

Are there limitations on file format or card type of G400?
whats wrong?


@ cyberh0me - the sd-card has FAT16 or FAT32 filesystem format. there are no mounting operations implemented. we tried to use an usb-stick as storage device and we were successfull! … no exception any more

basic question: is it mandatory to use the mount-functions?
if the mounting functions are implemented, can I expect that the mounting events on sd-card in/out work?

in our implementation we only check for valid storage device, by file handling operations.

@ hweinfurterAAE - Can you post a complete but minimal example of code that will eventually throw an exception when using the SD card?