InField Update

I’ve tried InfieldUpdate and it works well. But it raises few questions about it:

  • is it a way to create tca with VS or by cmd line ?
  • is it mandatory to connect board to create app ?
  • if a power failure happens when updating, then update must be done manually, but it requires you enter app key. What about client ? Must they get application key to restart app ?
  • is it a way to link version app and assembly version ?

Today, you can only create application deployment from an unlocked devices and you must use TinyCLR config. The version number can be whatever you want. We completely ignore it.

If you lose power during update then the device needs to be erased and manually updated. When the device is erased it no longer needs the key, as it was erased.

Good questions. Keep them coming!

That is the version number we can get with updater.

But then you must give to the client your application code that is not encrypted. Isn’t it the aim of IFU ?

The whole device is erased, meaning they’re us no key and no application. From this point, it is up to you on how to recover. You could send the customer for example a special application that recovers the device, reload the keys and then fetches the full new application security through ifu.

Please keep in mind that this is only an issue if you lose power during update. Some applications run on batteries and they will not have this issue.

Either way, we are open for suggestions.