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In simple terms what is glide


Hello guys.
In simple terms for a beginner what is glide.


A graphic tool for creating graphic applications for GHI’s NETMF devices.


A graphics library for EMX and ChipworkX devices. Have you looked at the available documentation? THe codeplex site has a good one paragraph introduction.


So with it you can make a program that when you click a button on the computer it will light up a button.


No, it’s a UI library for screens attached to the microcontroller. So, you would touch a button on a touchscreen attached to the device - not a PC.


Oh ok


If you’re needing to touch a button on a PC then you might want to look at a USB/serial/WiFi/Bluetooth/etc. interface.


Ok thanks.


Correction, Glide works on any device :slight_smile:


… that supports native graphics (Bitmap).


oh yes, that correct :-[

I love it when the community become more knowledgeable about GHI products than GHI employees :slight_smile: