In over my head!

I had a simple plan in my when i got me a Panda II to control/time a LED light i was planning to build. I have done a little programming and scripting before but figured i could probably learn this netmf or whatever no problem and went ahead with it. But as i was getting components for the light i got some additional stuff (temp sensors etc) and figured i could probably figure out how to combine that with the dimming control. Then i figured i could probably figure out how to do a UI too, with a main page and sub pages… and now i am bashing my head into the keyboard instead.

Individual stuff i can do, with help, and i have no issues with editing UI stuff from the touch UI to some extent fit my needs. Even editing the class (files?) so i can control the colors/size of sliders and whatnot in my main file isn’t beyond me (but i assume its cause its so easy). But combining those together (and getting sub pages for the UI) makes me feel like taking a sledge to my head. I am just so hopelessly lost here.

So, what should i do to learn this the proper way (as in, so i actually know what I’m doing, instead of hacking and slashing so it works). The simple tutorials that applied are done, the long pdf C# School basically lost me before i got started, i couldn’t get my head to begin absorbing it… But i suppose that is what i have to read to have some hope of doing this project? Also is there a good reference for the language that isn’t a huge mess (the MS site seems to be a huge mess to me, but it may be i don’t understand the layout/purpose of it enough to see it is organized logically)?

I also read in a post someone added image handles for the sliders instead of the FillRectangle thingy and made it faster, but did they mean they added it to theirs only or posted it somewhere?

I need to go find a sledge now…

Have you read all 3 book listed free on the support page?

If so then all should be easy and if something stops you then come here and ask a specific question and we will try to help.

Do not try to understand everything overnight, concentrate on the thing you are trying to accomplish.

Take small steps towards your goal… :slight_smile: … on the Bright Side your using “C#”, for the microcontroller, and the PC side. :wink:

again with the LEDs? What does that have to do with Fez, or this topic?

black hat positioning ?