In-Field Update


Is there an alternative to needing a board of the same type to build the application for in-field update?

I need to build apps for Cerbuino Bees that I can send out to users to update themselves, but I don’t have any left that I can use. Is there another board that I can use instead? Is G80 the same MCU?

Many thanks.

Yes, I read that thanks. Sometimes the documents miss some details or clever users find other ways, so I asked to be sure.

Anyway, I found the old listing for the bee and it states that it doesn’t support IFU anyway.

Having given this some more thought, I think it would be OK for users to update applications on devices using MFDeploy/FEZConfig (assuming this works OK on the Bee? I don’t have one to try with! :-[).

If anyone has a Cerbuino Bee knocking about they don’t need, please let me know. :slight_smile: