In-field update

I read the documentation about in-field update and have 2 questions.

Does in-field update also update GHI Firmware (I meant firmware which can be updated with FEZ Config)?

In documentation writes [quote]All you have to do is deploy the new version of the program to another board of the same type.[/quote] What if I don’t have another board of the same type?

  1. Yes firmware and your application

  2. You need a device to create the master deployment and then deploy to other devices, or same device but deploying to the same device has no benefit, works for testing.

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about point 1:
Firmware yes, but bootloader: no. If the boot loader has changed, you need to use FEZConfig to update it 1st.

about point 2:
In fact any board with the same SoM should work.
IF you want to crerate an IFU hex file for an Raptor, but you only have a G400D at hand, or you need it for an Cobra II, but you have only a G120HDR, then it should work without any problems. Same for other SoM families.

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One last thing (I hope).
In documentation writes how to get HEX file. I am guessing this is Firmware.hex, but what is Config.hex? And how can I get it?

LoadFile("\\SD\\Config.hex", InFieldUpdate.Types.Configuration);
LoadFile("\\SD\\Firmware.hex", InFieldUpdate.Types.Firmware);

All firmware files are in the SDK install dir:
Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI NETMF v4.3 SDK\Firmwares

You need

  • Firmware.hex
  • Firmware2.hex
  • Config.hex
    for a Firmware update.
    As far as I know you can not extract a Confix.hex from the board.

The Hex file for your application you can get with FEZConfig or MFDeploy.
There is a post from me in the forums somewhere how exactly this works with FEZConfig.

In IFU you can then decide if you update your app only (if FW is identical) or if you want to update FW as well.
This decision is done by only loading your app hex file or by loading alöl hex files befor the call to FlushAndReset().

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@ Reinhard OstermeierKing You have a lot of posts. I tried to find it with google, checked 3 pages, but do you have any clue, how old the post is?

here you go:

Thank you.