In-field update question

I read through the in-field update docs page and was thinking about this… The 100-pin TQFP package is effectively limited to application updates only, no TinyCLR OS version updates, because it cannot use external SDRAM. Correct?

Yes correct

So for TinyCLR 2.0 you’re currently in “preview”…

Does the roadmap go like Preview N -> RC N -> Release, or Preview N -> Alpha N -> Beta N -> RC N -> Release, etc?

Just trying to get a vague handle on how many milestones are between now and a stable® 2.0 release since firmware on TQFP is not field-updateable.

The next release is all about improvements and bug fixes. If all goes well, we go from there to production candidate.

We should have production release in July but we are more concerned about quality over release dates. We will have a better idea in June.

All issues are on GitHub to give you an exact view on what is being worked on and what is already done.

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