In-Field Update and shipping

Reviewing all security aspects to TinyCLR/SITCore, we have found couple needed improvements. One is internal but the second will effect you.

TinyCLR config tool now generates an encrypted application deployment. You can now safely send the firmware to your customer knowing that this file can only be used on your own devices. Assuming you have enabled the application protection on your device of course :slight_smile:

Due to above, we have not shipped the boards yet. We are going through QC and if all is well we hope to ship on Monday.


Be great if they can arrived before the end of this month as Indonesia is about to lower the duty limit to $3 from $75 and that would mean paying a stupid low duty but be hit with DHL handling charges on top of it.

Interestingly, is anyone else in a country that has ridiculous customs charges?

Invite me for a visit and I can hand deliver :grin:

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Under $400 NZD ($280 USD) we don’t have any charges.

Above that then we get stung for 15% GST and a $50 administration fee.

under 22 usd we are custom free in kosova,
otherwise we pay nearly of 30%

(First on cost added 10% Of an tax called accion than on than on total added vat from 18% )

of items cost :frowning:

Indonesia charges 7.5% duty for anything from $75 to $1500 and then adds 10% VAT and then either 20% income tax if no tax number or 10% if you have a tax number. It makes it around 30% or 40% of the value.

In Belgium, If you buy a product that cost 1000 and the shipping is 100, you will pay 21 % tax on 1100 plus an additional 30 euros for duties, so 261. you have too much money, come here

same in Kosovo

for example if you buy product 10 usd , shipping cost 150 usd (this will calculated as buy cost 160 usd and i will pay custom for exeed of sum from 22 usd)

160 usd i will pay 10% axiom (16 usd) now it will be calculated as 176 usd buyed things and in 176 i will pay additional 18% VAT tax (near 32 usd) and price on total will be about 207.7 usd (for 10 usd and 150 usd shipping with 48 usd payed additionally to customs)

so if one day I have the opportunity to go to Kosovo, I will fell at home :smile:

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