In chipworkx module, what value should I input to BMS pin?


What value should I input to BMS pin?
3.3V or gnd.

The manual says to me that I should not set 3.3v on reset.
But in acutual Chipworkx development kit, this pin’s voltage is 3.3V.

I’m very confused with this.

Thanks for reading my e-mail

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Did you check MCU datasheet as it suggested in CWX user manual?


Thanks for reply.

Yes, I read AT91SAM9261S user manual about BMS pin.
But, I still have doubt about this.
I think I should tie this pin to 3.3V becasue CWX load tinyboot from spi serial rom on power reset.
But, at the CWX user manual, it says that BMS pin should not be set high on reset.

I’m very confused.

Is this a new design? When did you buy the unit and from where?