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Improve forum editor


Any chance we could get the forum software updated to something more in line with modern forums? The editor is woefully inadequate.

One obvious problem I have spotted is that it seems to strip out HTML(like) stuff. A reasonable security procedure for sure (although most forums allow you to use a few basic HTML tags), but it’s a big problem when you have a code intensive forum as I hope this one will be. For instance I recently posted a big chunk of code over in the Projects forum. The code was fairly well documented including a bunch of XML Comments (a great feature of C#). Because it’s XML, it includes a bunch of stuff in <…> style, which then gets removed, and breaks stuff.


So you are referring to change both the forum and the projects page?




The idea behind the forum is to remain simple. We have smilies, quotes, and C# code formatting. With so little options, I’m not sure I see a reason for a more complex solution. I have taken into account what you mentioned about XML and HTML. I chose to convert both into visible tags so your comments will remain.


/// <example>
/// <code>
/// // Example code to use this class.
/// </code>
/// </example>

/// <example>
/// <code>
/// // Example code to use this class.
/// </code>
/// </example>

I think you have a little bit more to do :wink:




/// <code>
/// // Example code to use this class.
/// </code>
/// </example>


/// // Example code to use this class.


Edit: as you can see, only the code block is not displayed correctly.


@ Josh:

Since it looks like [code is just a stylization for pre, you might just put something in to convert the HTML symbols back to real ASCII. I guess the trouble with that is about how you would deal with pre in the code.


@ Chris, Robert

What are you guys talking about? Looks like it works to me…



It’s working now, wasn’t before though :slight_smile:


Josh, it was not working before, now it does.

Thanks! :wink:


I know I was just messing with you guys :stuck_out_tongue:


You guys do not know this, this is our Josh daily joke :smiley: He fixes the problem and then tells you there is not problem…then you scratching your head trying to figure out how it was fixed on its own!



The smiley didn’t work

See my post here





so Josh is more like a Joker monkey? :stuck_out_tongue: