Implementing sockets for Xbee S6B Wifi Module

So I’ve implemented a “driver” for the Xbee S6B Wifi module and now I want to integrate it with the System.Net.Socket system, so I can use fancy classes like HttpListener to implement as web server.

What would I need to do to “introduce” NETMF to my net network interface so that it can communicate with the system?

I’m using the CerbuinoBee OSHW device.

so far I could find no solution for this trouble. Does not seem to be possible. :frowning: :’(

Neither can I. I’ve been all up and down the source for .NETMF and can’t find a single place where I can plug in some sort of interface.

It would be nice to have a network interface that you could implement plug in a driver for. That way you would have naitve sockets and http support for any network device you can think of.

implementing my own…
and so on

I just realized something. The internal static class Microsoft.SPOT.Net.SocketNative is written in C# and controls all the calls to the underlying hardware.

Would it be possible to recompile the Microsoft.SPOT.Net with some changes, add the library to your project?

If so, then we should be able to extract an interface, and introduce some functionality that will redirect calls to a user mode driver.

Has anyone ever had to modify an recompile part of the CLR portion of the framework?

I think that link should help.


@ slawek - very interesting. I need to look closely at