Image Processing


How can I use the Bitmap or Image class to store the image from Camera Module?
Did .NETMF or GHI have class to get the pixel from the image?
For my application, I need to get the R,G,B pixel and store to array for further processing.

Check this post.

There is piece of code that converts bitmap into a BMP byte array. BMP is 54 bytes of header information and then raw rgb values.

Next step is how to get the position pixel.

How to do in NETMF like this

public int[,,] getRGBData() 
            Bitmap Bpimage = new Bitmap(image);
            int Height = Bpimage.Height;
            int Width = Bpimage.Width;
            int[,,] rgbData=new int[Width,Height,3];
for(int y=0;y<Height;y++)
                for(int x=0;x<Width;x++)
                    Color color=bimage.GetPixel(x,y);
                    rgbData[x, y, 0] = color.R;
                    rgbData[x, y, 1] = color.G;
                    rgbData[x, y, 2] = color.B;
return rgbData;

Here is one scenario.

Get the byte array of all the pixels like in the post i have mentioned earlier, after that you can do simple math to get location of the first byte for any pixel. That would be your R (RGB) or B (BGR) value.I am not sure if it is stored as RGB or BGR, but it is easy to check.