IFU CompleteUpdate

Why CompleteUpdate is not available for USBizi devices? :’(

What if we have 1000 devices in field. To update them we have to retrieve them all to flash new SDK firmware or we got stuck with old SDK forever!

Or we have to keep several development environments to compile same application against all SDKs we have on devices sent to customers.

Your device may have a way of connecting to a PC for update using xmodem. You can do it on serial or on USB. You can provide your customer with your own custom tool to automate it if you like…there are many options so it is entirely up to your needs.

If device is hidden installation inside the car, for example. Each update will cost 100$ to just get device from car and put it back. Not saying about vehicle idle-time, that is even more expensive.

Is that hard to add this feature to USBizi?

Not possible because of resources constraint.
The extra tool (programming tool) can be an another USBizi with a micro SD card or dataflash. So one USBizi will program the other USBizi from a storage device.

What resources you talking about?

I was thinking about PIC+flash only for IFU purpose.
But two USBizi on one board and wasting other just for upgrading? Thats too much :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe there is another way, like wiring external RAM?

This is not currently an option and not planned to be added.

USBizi is so small, it is great for mobile applications. Are you sure there is no easy solution?

I understand you would really like to have it but we have already answered the same question numerous times :slight_smile: No, this is not an option!

If you think about it, you would rarely need to update the firmware, probably never need to do so. So this is not a major problem. What you need though is being able to update your firmware, which is completely supported on USBizi.