IFU 4.3 beta -> 4.3 final


Could i use IFU to update boards that are flashed with the current beta 4.3 to the release version 4.3? Are there planned changes on the bootloader?


4.3 is already released, with new boot loader of course ::slight_smile:

:wall: i have been SO bussy that i missed this… OMG

but wait… the date… this was marked as Beta at the time i downloaded this one :think:

@ David@ Emrol - We never compiled a beta 4 SDK. We went straight from beta 3 to release. Where did you download that SDK from? Did you change its name at all? We don’t put “v4.3” in the filename. Could you take the MD5 hash of the file and let me know what it is?

@ John - it’s the exactly same file, I renamed it at the download but I’m almost sure it was marked beta when I downloaded it :wink:

@ David@ Emrol - I suppose it is possible something was rendered wrong on the site during an upgrade. As long as the one you have hashes the same as the current R2 release on our site you should be good.

The file downloaded first has MD5 : 5C30C7629AB467C2DDE11FC089A83BFF

Which is the same as the current final R2 version, so you should be fine.

Thanks !