If you like

… working with eclipse and want to use a new workbench for STM32 development, including the new STM32F7xxx, than maybe this IDE is the one for you


Looks interesting! thx

Working with Eclipse is like stabbing myself in the eye. Unfortunately, there’s not much better unless you’re willing to pay for it :frowning:

@ godefroi - There is this rather low on price (starting at $89), integrating in VS 2005-2015, already supporting a wealth of MCUs including STM32Fxxx, currently in beta with STM32F7 BSP support and more …



I can vouch for VisualGDB too. I use it for developing for Raspberry Pi using a cross compiler and Visual Studio Community Edition as the IDE. I have not tried it on STM32 yet, but I’m sure it will work just as well.

The nice thing is that they also give you a full month free trial to see if it work out for you.

I have done the most endavouring app (blinky) on a STM32F411 Nucleo and the STM32F429 Discovery using VisualGDB and both were not giving me troubles. Just have to follow the tutorials and adopt the I/O Ports a bit. Worked as expected for me …

I’ve heard great things, but at $90 I put it out of the reach of the hobbyist market, and certainly underpriced for the commercial market. A free not-for-commercial-use version would be awesome!

That would require honest people :slight_smile:

Even UPS here send me PDF documents with this on every second page.

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So what do you guys use for RLP development then? Can the aforementioned tools work?

The only RLP I’ve ever done I did with Yagarto.