IE users aren't dumber after all... 'reputable' news firms duped

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet…

Social hacking at its best. I want to shake the hand of the guy(s) that pulled this off.

BTW - I use Chrome. :smiley:

IE is fine but try to load a real busy page and compare loading speed to chrome and firefox on same PC :slight_smile:

The problem is, we don’t ALL have a choice…we have an entire company here that is on an IE standard for a lot of reasons. I guess they could have gone to a Chrome, Firefox, etc standard, but that is what they chose and they control it pretty tightly. On the other hand, I KNOW exactly what browser I am writing for when it comes to internal applications. Almost all of our apps are web based and it makes life SOOO much easier when I only have to worry about 1 browser only.

Years ago, MANY years ago, I still remember when you wrote applications for specific OS’s, and I’m not talking Apple and Microsoft, I’m talking IBM, Tandy, yes, Apple too, etc. Though people may not like MS all the time, the fact that they “won” the big OS wars back in the day made it FANTASTIC for developers, one system (more or less), one set of code, etc. Now, I have the same situation with browsers and trust me, it is no more fun than it used to be. For our external apps,we have to test on everything from IE 6 to 9, FireFox, Chrome, you name it…arrrrg.