Idea about ethernet extender?

Hello I saw it a electronics forum. I am a new user here. I want to ask experts about What is the best kind of Ethernet extender available in the market ? Does the internet speed matters with quality of Ethernet extender ? I have a shop of electronics and I am thinking to start deal with Ethernet also. One of my friend suggested me this website. Please explain me in details. Hoping for your reply.

Edit: link removed by admin.


Asking seriously Mate. If you can help please. Otherwise stay away.

If you have a question appropriate for this forum, which does not appear as spam, please ask it. This is not a general electronics forum.

You posted twice, and each seems like spam. If it sounds like a duck, and walks like a duck, it is not an Ethernet extender.

And, I am not your mate.


I am just looking for help. Sorry if its unusual .

I think the question was okay and he posted in “off topic” so there is nothing wrong with it except it was suspicious as we have been seeing some spam posts that looks similar.

@ anilkatwal welcome to the community and sorry for misinterpreting your message. Unfortunately, I am not sure if this community will be able to help you with this question. But perhaps with future questions you may have. This community is full of very smart developers if you have a programming question for example :slight_smile: