IanLee74 Checks in at GHI

Don’t be jealous! ;D


@ Gary - I hope that’s not were your programmers work?..

Nope, it’s where we put the trolls! :smiley:


Aw, man!

Totes jelly.


Hope that’s not Mr Glitter fiddling with the PnP :smiley:

Just for devhammer! :whistle:


That’s quite the monkey…did you have that made special for Ian?

BTW - I take some comfort in the fact that I got to meet @ Gus in person long before Ian did. :wink:

And I think that pic answers @ Justin’s question…since the guy fiddling with the P&P is wearing a polo, while @ Gary is wearing an oxford.

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That monkey is the receptionist and she is offended that you implied she was “made” for anyone! :hand:


@ Gary - Hugely jealous!!

@ IanLee74 - thanks for coming by. It was a fun chat that I almost didn’t want to go home :slight_smile:

Who is the half hidden guy wearing what appears to be a snuggy covered by a trashbag and a blue-ice block? :smiley:

@ mtylerjr - Blue-ice block? What, you don’t recognize the standard GHI blue storage box?

Agreed! It was a day I will remember forever. The whole crew there were wonderful hosts and I appreciate you all spending a day with me and letting me pick your brains, open up the cases on your machines, taking me for a ride in your Maserati, and building me the very first XXXXXXX board :D. I’ll definitely be back anytime I’m in the vicinity again and I highly encourage everyone else to drop in if you get the chance. Thanks again to you all!

Some fun facts I learned today:
[ol]Mike runs the place, not Gary or Gus.
There is such a thing as “cast rock” and a solder jet printer’s housing is made mostly of it. If you punch it your hand will break. Not sure why that last part is known…
Lebonese food is great. Even the meat they don’t cook.
Gary is even taller than I thought he was.
Gus looks taller than I thought he was. However, measurements confirm he’s what I expected.
The new GHI facility was purchased with lots of extra space so that Gus would have a place to store his boat in the winter.
A few other things I can’t share…what happens in Madison Heights stays in Madison Heights :D[/ol]


@ ianlee74 - the pleasure was all ours please don’t hesitate to come back!

If I’d thought about it on the way out, they would have even if they didn’t know they did… :smiley:

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[quote=“mtylerjr”]Who is the half hidden guy wearing what appears to be a snuggy covered by a trashbag and a blue-ice block? :smiley:

That would be Aron.

From the pictures I’d say you need to update your “young” looking avatar and stop making us think you were a youngster. :slight_smile:


I used to like you, Dave :snooty: