I2C Question

Just tried to use the I2C on the FEZ to connect to a matrix orbital display
I got the following error while trying to write data on the bus

Any hints ?

That is likely being thrown because the I2C transfer did not succeed. Use the WritePartial function and examine its result to find out why.

My guess is that the address is wrong. Keep in mind that the address is 7 bits, not 8. Try (0x50>>1) or (0x50<<1) and see if either one of these would work.

hi John, Gus

thanks for your suggestions. I will try those this after work. but in betwen i found that according to the datasheet, this display is configured by default to 'RS232. this is a mini zero resistor to remove and another to solder. I need to buy another iron for this (and maybe a pair of new eyes…)
I will try to connect to a SHT 11 in between