I2C on Spider - one bus or more

Are the I2C connections on all the mainboard “I” connectors common or is there more than one bus?

Reason for Q - I have a chip with a fixed I2C address (0x4a) and I need to use two devices. Seems like no-go if there is only 1 bus.



Looking at the schematics, there is only one SDA and SCL, so only one I2C bus.


Maybe this link can help you. It talks about SoftwareI2C: This class provides I2C functionality on any two digital pins. It is implemented by toggling the pins using software. It only supports one master on the same bus. Multiple masters on different buses work correctly.


Thanks! Great suggestion.

The interaction with the chip low frequency (2 transaction/second) so will be lightweight. I am using WPF so want to conserve all available resources :-).