I2C communication to sensiron SHT21 Temp&Moisturise sensor

I am having hard time to figure out how to get I2C work. I am able to send
read and write commands successfully (MyI2C.Execute(xActions, 1000) == 0) to chip but now answer.

SHT21 communication is interactive i.e. when I send a command, shall SHT21
ACK that. But I am not able to read that SCL and SDA pins are controlled to ACK state
by SHT21. Also once reading value from SHT21, I should send ACK to SHT21 that I have received successfully
LSB .and waiting MSB.

Is I2CDevice dll supporting any ACK/NACK sending and reading? or how shall I proceed?

I have Fez Cobra III.



I don’t have one of these sensors but the following thread might help.


Hi Sprigo and others interested in this topic,

the thread Sprigo suggested worked simply in fantastic manner :).

Thanks alot Sprigo !!