I would like a Gadgeteer Capacitive 5" LCD

I need a larger display. Dave’s creation looks like it would work. I want to buy two or three. It looks like I need to buy 10 to get a good price from Turnkey. Is there some way to get prospective buyers together to get a good price and just as important, is there a driver?

Yeah, I’d be down for one.

I have a couple of these Gadgeteer adapters for the Newhaven 5.0 display.


There is no need for a driver for the LCD itself. Just setup your LCD with the following in Fezconfig (thanks to Simon)

Width ------------------------------ 800
Height ----------------------------- 480
Output Enabled is Fixed ----- True
Output Enable Polarity ------- True
Horizontal Sync Polarity ----- False
Vertical Sync Polarity --------- False
Pixel Polarity -------------------- True

Horizontal Sync Pulse Width-1
HorizontalBack Porch --------- 88
Horizontal Front Porth --------- 40
Vertical Sync Pulse Width ---- 3
Vertical Back Porch ------------ 32
Vertical Front Porch ------------ 13
Pixel Clock Rate ---------------- 25,000

For the touch driver, Simon posted this in creations a while back.


I modified this to use a software I2C on the G400 due to issues. On the G120 is works well. If you have any other devices using I2C you will have to modify it to share the bus.

Another top tip from Simon is to enable the overlocking on the G120. Makes a huge difference.

        Register EMCCLKSEL = new Register(0x400FC100);
        EMCCLKSEL.ClearBits(1 << 0); // OVERDRIVE

PS. My board will drive the 7" Newhaven display too but the connector layout is different but electrically they are identical. If you would like a 7" layout version, let me know and I will create it?


@ charlieHustle - I cannot find any information on these adapters. Are they still being sold?

@ Dave McLaughlin - This looks like a project that is within my ability. Thank you for responding and helping me understand what is involved. If an order with Turnkey is pursued then it appears 8 non-stocked items would have to be procured in addition to the LCD for each unit. So it looks like the per unit cost for a larger LCD would be about $120 if an order for 10 boards was placed. That would be $23 for each board, about $20 for the non-stocked items and $60 for the 5" LCD. Do you think I am in the ballpark here?

@ Bill_Wyo - I never put the adapters up for sale, I just had them for personal use. But I have a few that I am not using so I could sell you one or two.

@ charlieHustle - Shame you didn’t put them up for sale as I would be interested in a few. I was on the verge of ordering a couple of Dave’s 7" when they got pulled.

@ Sprigo. I had to pull them. Being based in Indonesia means the shipping costs were too high unless someone ordered quite a few and the import costs in this country is too high so buying the LCD from the USA means adding about 30% to the cost when it lands.

The local shipping companies did offer a lower price but not by much and dealing with them was too much hassle. If I could get volumes DHL would offer me a better price.

The 5" is still up on Tindie but I’ve never even had a quote request or anything for them :frowning:

That price for 10 boards sounds good.

@ charlieHustle - thank you for the offer. I am trying to figure out what to do and may take you up on the offer.

@ charlieHustle - I’d be interested in one of the adapters! What would it cost me?

If you up for making your own adapter board I have been using this LCD’s company for years now.

These guys (buydisplay) are not bad.

@ Versamodule. Not bad for the price and 300 cd/m2 which is better than a number of LCD’s on the market but not quite as bright as the Newhaven ay 400+ cd/m2.

@ munderhill - I’d charge $35 for a board. I also have a version of the board for the 4.3" Newhaven LCD.

@ Dave McLaughlin - At $15 the buydisplay product has my attention. It looks like it lacks the capacitive touch panel but has the same 40 pin connector as the Newhaven. Would your board work with this display? Using this display could reduce the unit cost by about $40 to something around $80. buydisplay has touchpanel options but I am not sure whether they would work with your board.

@ Bill_Wyo. The connector and timing is the same so it should work. Backlight voltage is the same with slightly less power at 40mA instead of 60mA but it will work with only 1 change. You’ll need to adjust the current sensing resistor to suit it.

As for the cap touch option, the driver is different and so is the connector pin out even though it uses the same 6 pin type.

You’ll need to design a custom board and write drivers for it if you want touch.

The Newhaven may be more expensive, but once you see the brightness and how nice it looks and the fact that driver wise, it will work out of the box, you may be convinced. :slight_smile: It all depends on how much work you are prepared to do to get it working.

@ Dave McLaughlin - Thank you for responding. I need 3 displays now and may want 1 or 2 later on. I appreciate the offer from charlieHustle but it seems his supply is limited and I would prefer to have the same displays. Price is an issue so I was just looking for a way to reduce the cost. If I buy 10 of the boards from Turnkey it looks like the cash outlay is about $400. That is probably the best course. Thank you again for your input and for donating your work.

I’d be down for a display… I’m not too happy with the T43 as it has horrible viewing angles and not enough resolution IMO.

Someone needs to make a gadgeteer reverse kvm switch to allow multiple displays to share the same sockets.