I think I killed it?

A package of goodies arrived from GHI yesterday. I installed the NETMF and Gadgeteer package 2013 R3. It’s a Cerberus board with ENC28 and usb client DP modules. Hook up the usb + power, Windows 7 recognizes it. I go to the firmware updater, it says the device has (sorry, the number may not be exactly right) and the SDK is (so the SDK is one point newer) I go ahead and update. It goes through the paces OK then when it says it’s done, all of a sudden the device is no longer recognized on the USB connection. Even after a reboot. Did I just “brick” this thing?

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Please have a look on my post in this thread:
can you see the Cerberus in the window of the Combo box?
If not click on the Combo-box window, click on Serial, than back on USB, unplug and plug the Cerberus

No change See attached image… I have also tried unplugging the USB, rebooting my computer, then plugging it back in. I get the normal “USB searching for device” followed by “NETMF Debug loaded” then an unknown device error and a screen (second image)

I would try to load everything new as exlained on this page:

Agree, try an update of tinybooter/firmware.

Thank you sir - that did the trick. I’m back up and running with updated firmware.