I think I goofed (bricked my raptor)

In my attempts to try and figure out why my raptor would not work with my T43 Module, I used Fez Config to try and update the firmware. I used the firmware from the 4.3 R5 SDK (it was the default that fez config chose):

C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI NETMF v4.3 SDK\Firmwares\G400

Fez Config reported a success - in fact, it shows 4.3.6 for TinyBooter, and for TinyCLR when I connect again. (The device is now called a G400_G400 aparently.)

Yet, I am no longer able to connect/deploy anything from visual studio. (it tries for the 59 iterations and gives up)

Do I need to perform some other steps to recover back to a usable state? Is there a different firmware I should load?

R5 SDK is the latest released version, so you’re OK with that.

Did you deploy one version of your app after the firmware update ?

Can you PING the device from FezConfig? Do you get “TinyCLR” response? Can you also do a “Reboot CLR” from FezConfig as a final check.

What I tend to do if the debugger hasn’t attached during deployment (when it’s ~20 iterations in) I’ll hit reset on the board and that often allows the debugger process to communicate with the deployment and you’ll get a result.

(and no need to panic, you will not have bricked anything :slight_smile: )

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You should reselect your device in the VS project settings of your project. It’s on the deploy page I think.
Even if the device is displayed in the drop down box: Open the Box and select it again.
This is always necessary when your device is renamed, or you use a different device.

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With FexzConfig, do a reboot CLR in the advanced menu.

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Thanks for the help, guys.

I tried your suggestions…

I ended up reflashing the device a few more times with Fez Config.

After the third time, for some reason it started working normally again.

I don’t know why it stopped, or why it works now… but at least I can experiment again :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea.

I did try erasing the main application from fez config as part of my attempts to get it working with VS again, but that didn’t seem to help. It’s still a mystery, but it hasn’t stopped working since, which is good.

I think I will use a button to trigger some things now, though, as per your suggestion. Thanks.