I still like Gadgeteer

Just out of the oven…



Nice. You and your custom boards. I need to get you to make one for me sometime :slight_smile:


Wait until you see one of the others i have been threatening to make, you’ll be like a giggling school girl in the corner :smiley:

Even Elton John wrote a song about it…

Are you going to do a rocket-payload board?

The actual rocket and second stage I plan to use arrived today (and a few slightly smaller rockets) I just have to finish the code and wiring now.

I’m actually entertaining the idea of another modification to the rocket to allow the small payload section+nose cone with the g80 to have its own engine and be a small 3rd stage.

Apparently here in NZ, I am required to raise an official “NOTAM” (Notice to Airmen) alert by faxing all the details of the launch to the NOTAM Office, and possibly the local Air Traffic Control Supervisor, and getting authorization. (or authorisation, here)


HAHAHAHAHA - surely you have been here long enough for the classic Kiwi - “She’ll be right” attitude :slight_smile:

Well yeah. But Ive also been here long enough for the classic “oh, right. An American. Thinks he doesn’t need to follow our rules here” attitude :wink:

But that’s awesome on your project. I was reading recently that Ed Roberts, the creator of the Altair 8800 computer back in the 1970s (the computer that Bill Gates and Paul Allen developed their Basic interpreter on in 1975, as Microsofts first ever product) had originally been focused on building small electronic payloads for model rockets (this was during the actual Apollo years!) before decided to invent the Altair 8800 in 1974: