I need a suggestion (Xbee again)

I would like to buy two XBee module for developing some idea for gadgeteer. I would like to use Hydra boards, but I’ve also Spider.

Xbee are really a lot of produtcs line, but what’s the right choice for point-to-point (about 40mt) connection ?

Thank you

802.15.4 or Zigbee will both work point to point, however are not interchangeable, so once you get a couple of one kind stick with that type. If you ever see yourself doing mesh, go with Zigbee:

The pro modules give you more range, but use more power and cost more. There are also other antenna options to help with range and for mounting on the outside of an enclosure. The wire antennas (link above) are good for the distance you state.

Thank you ransomhall.
I will get a couple of XB24-Z7WIT-004 model, low power, for the test.

Just to make sure… you do know about our XBee gadgeteer driver project at http://xbee.codeplex.com ? I’m testing it as we speak 8)

Yep ramsomhall, I know that, and it’s the reason why I decided to try something…
But I’m really a bit confusing with partnumbers of Digi products. I hope that XB24-Z7WIT-004 is correct.
Other supplier has XBP24-BWIT-004 …

The explanations and organization on the Digi site used to be worse! They’ve renamed stuff recently to be more “straightforward” if you can believe that ::slight_smile: Just make sure your getting a Zigbee (formerly referred to as Series 2) with wire antenna. Rough retail price should be not more than $30. If it is higher, you might have the Pro version, or are dealing with a not so reputable reseller.