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I need a few pointers


I am ready to resurrect a project from a year ago and need some “enlightment”.
The jist of it is:
I have a small milling machine and a set of iGaging digital scales, motorized rotary table and motor drive on one axis.
A domino board is connected to a BlueTooth modem (COM2) , throught which it receives commands and sends scales readings.
In regard to the stepper motors, I’d like to have a limited “CNC” functionality, i.e. rotate the table x number of degrees or jog the axis x number of mils (.001"). That alone is easy (and working): I send a command from a PC to tick the stepper x times at some frequency.

The scales part is a bit tricky, thoug.
The protocol works as follows: the master (Domino) pulses the clock line at 9 kHz 21 times and reads the input on some other pin. I was able to do that with Thread.Sleep ( loop 21 times: pull clock pin high, wait for the rampup, read the input pin, set the clock pin low, sleep, etc.)

So far both things work fine in single threaded mode, but I would like to have a bit mode elegant solution. My idea would be to use PWM, for example, to tick the clock, and triggered pins to read the input. I think, even though I have 3 scales, one triggered pin cound fire the event that will check the other pins.

The thing is that I wan to do those things simalutaneously, i.e. jog the table and read the position, not “jog-stop-read-transmit-resume jogging”.

I’d really appreaciate some ideas how to do this efficiently.

Thank you


isn’t that SPI protocol?

you could read position once, then predict number of steps to take and send the steps. put this in a while loop until you are on correct position. if the predict is fine you shoould only have a read, move and verify for each position.