I love NETMF

GHI boards and NETMF rock.

I have a small one off project to port an old ZWorld Little PLC Dynamic C code to NETMF and used a Cerbuino Bee with two RS458 interface modules. The Little PLC based design is 17 years old according to the header (I wrote that code back in 1998)

After 2 hours work I have it receiving the input and decoding the serial data from a gyro compass and then transmitting the different protocol on another serial port. All NETMF code from scratch. Native NETMF too, not Gadgeteer.



Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Do you remember how long the original code took you to develop?

Thats cool :clap:

Yes, it was about 3 days for the original coding and then about 1 day testing and debugging with the hardware.

Dynamic C at the time, although a little strange in its ways, was the first I worked with that could do in circuit debugging via a serial port. A bit slow to compile and in the early days it needed the target connected to do so but we build a large number of designs around their boards and many are still in use to this day.