I have posted a Simple Slot machine on ARM mbed

A simple slot machine for the GHI RETRO Game Console.


Comments welcome. (Good or Bad)


This does not bode well for me, I am going to conference in Vegas in Feb and I have already lost all my money trying out your game :slight_smile:

You are not actually using my library for the display, you have it imported, but you are using the Display library from GHI. For this it is probably the better option, as others have pointed out my font is uglier than the GHI one.

@ taylorza -

You are not actually using my library for the display…

Some day I will learn to pay attention to what I am doing!

@ willgeorge - Not sure why, but it’s not working on my RETRO. When I set the RETRO in firmware mode, delete the existing firmware, copy over the compiled Slot game, and reset the RETRO, it lights up one of the LEDs above the D-Pad buttons, and I get the USB disconnect/connect chime, but nothing runs.

If I have time in the next few days, I’ll see if I can figure out why, but wanted to let you know.


Imported and compiled without a hitch.
A bit weird initial behavior though. After first upload I saw nothing but the right eye lit. Then pressed some buttons and the game appeared. Now each reset shows the game normally, no problems…

BTW. I found it quite hard to reach rock bottom zero! (still playing but just won another $10, so back at $101)…

I am not sure what to suggest.

  1. I deleted my entire application from the mbed compiler.
  2. I re-imported it from the Dashboard .
  3. Compiled and saved OutrageousRetroSlot_OC_MBUINO.bin
    (firmware.bin) to the RETRO

Pressed the RETRO reset button.
Reset then shows a white screen for about 1 second then shows the initial splash.

Press RETRO to pull lever
Press ROBOT Lever up

Press RETRO button the app will run showing the play bars selected by random numbers.
(You can run this as long as you want)

Press the ROBOT button - You will see the bars run for several more loops and then you
will see the win/lose display.

After deleting the source and import/compile the app ran on my RETRO as it did before.

As for the (Play - Win) you can modify the payouts and/or DOUBLE Pay.

LEDS - Press the Reset button, splash screen - Both LED’s off.
RETRO button pressed - Left eye ON, Right OFF
ROBOT button pressed -Right eye ON, Left OFF

I assume that the buzzer works because I cannot hear those things without a amplifier.

EDIT: I do not see how it would matter but I begin with the web page:
I then Click Compiler or Dashboard.

Just thought I would mention it…

@ devhammer -
delete the existing firmware, copy over the compiled Slot game,

I am not sure what exactly you are telling me.

I have always loaded the compiled app from the web app.

  1. Compile
    open or save OutrageousRetroSlot_OC_MBUINO.bin

  2. Save As

  3. Select firmware.bin in CPR DISABLED (H) FAT
    OutrageousRetroSlot_OC_MBUINO.bin changes to firmware.bin

  4. Right click - firmware.bin in CPR DISABLED (H) FAT
    Select Delete. Click Yes in Delete File popup dialog.

  5. Click Save in Save As dialog.

  6. Click Yes in Confirm Save as dialog.

  7. Reset the RETRO

  8. Right LED blinks on to off.

  9. Play

@ willgeorge - Yup. Same process. As I said, when I have time, I’ll investigate further to see what’s happening, but at the moment it’s not working for me.

I’ve had the same thing with some of my builds, usually there’s some bug that causes the crash, but isn’t caught during compilation.