I hate to ask, but

Hello GHI peeps

I hate to ask this, but we are in need at the moment.

My mom had a stroke, and my dad is barely able to cope.

I’m stuck in new zealand and they are in Oregon.

Ive started a gofundme thing to see if I can raise money for me and my son to go see my mom while we still can. Ive never tried this before.

I know there are many people and causes that are more worthy than mine, but It can’t help to ask, right? Although I feel lame having to ask for help.

My gofundme campaign is here; [Link is fixed now]


I hope you guys can forgive me for posting this.

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Don’t be silly. People should help one another when in need if they can.
I am so very sorry to hear about what you and your family is going through.
Our Prayers go out to you and yours!

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There’s a break at the end of your link that is causing the link to go to the wrong place and result in a “campaign not found”. You may want to remove the break between your URL and the end tag. This link should work.

Sorry to hear about your situation. Best of luck to you.

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@ ianlee74 - Thank you. I fixed the link.

It seems that airlines don’t do compassionate fares for international travel :confused:

It looks like the campaign may be successful… I lowered the goal to $3000, because ticket prices are actually lower at the moment than usual.

Thanks for anyone who has donated so far.

If anyone clicked on the broken link before I fixed it, I ask that you please try again now?



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@ mtylerjr - did you see my PM?

Well, I’m back from the US.

My mom is improving - she has recovered her speech more or less. I was able to help out by rebuilding my mom’s wheelchair, and doing other long-postponed chores they couldnt do.

Thanks to anyone who donated. We didnt raise the goal amount, but got close enough to get us there and back.


@ mtylerjr - Welcome back. Dude I thought you were lost in the NZ quake.