I felt a disturbance in the force

…as if 1000 Mbps called out and were suddenly silenced.

Yup, my internet is down.

(This post brought to you by a 3G hot spot)


This is bought to you by faded copper wiring nowhere near that speed. In fact, lucky on a good day to be 10Mbps. Your 3g hotspot won’t beat me, but probably by not much, and if you’d chosen a 4g hotspot it’d be game over Brett

We recently went 6 weeks with no internet in New Zealand while Vodafone and Spark incompetently battled it out over responsibility when we moved.

EasyTether saved the day a few times. Another reason to be glad for android vs apple (simple setup for free tethering with a free 3rd party app instead of the typical hassles that appledrones have to go through)

Yeah, the soap-on-a-rope shaped internet hotspot has saved my bacon more than once. What Romania lacks in some things, it makes up for in internet connectivity. I have 1Gbps fiber to the desktop, measured out at 700Mbps for local and 300-400Mbps for regional traffic. Not to mention bangin’ 4G service. I may not be able to find a doctor, but I can reach WebMD pretty quick.

EDIT: And oh yes, connectivity has returned

I’m definately in the Pre-Jedi times, all I got here throught the land line is whopping 384 kbps, yes, you read that right kilo-bits-per-second not mega not even to talk about giga they haven’t invented it here yet … :’( :’(


I’m typing this on my new UVerse Gigapower connection. Tonight it seems to be running a little slow. Might have to look into that… :smiley:

@ ianlee74 - I so wanted the dislike button for this post alone…

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@ Brett - Likewise!! ???

Go take a peek at Task Tracker…

Like Richie used to say on the comedy sketch show Bottom, “you utter utter bstrd”


@ Dave McLaughlin - or Viv’s usual :smiley:


I thought that was Rik on The Young Ones? - YouTube (right at the end, almost gets it out)

He was but they did a comedy sketch show called Bottom. The live shows were ace. Here is one dedicated to Rik Mayall

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The NSFW doesn’t help when it’s on the same post with a video thumbnail that includes a sex doll. Not cool.

May I suggest that you remove the video tag?

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Yeah…that was what I meant. Let’s keep the forums SFW, please. :slight_smile: