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I converted a couple of .net microframework samples to Gadgeteer - Interest?


If anyone is interested, I converted a couple of the .Net 4.1 Microframework samples in users\users\Documents\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.1\Samples… to work on the spider / T35 and two button modules.

I doubt either of these conversions are going to win any class or code design awards. That said, I just did it as a quick path to figure out how to program to Wpf. I knew nothing about Wpf and little about Gadgeteer before I started. Oh, and had to learn C# too. Busy week. ;).

I know equally valid route (and perhaps cleaner) is to use Glide.

The cleanest conversion was the TemperatureSample . I had to spoof the temperature reader in the code because I don’t have an SPI temp module. It was cleaner to add the sample routines as a partial class on the Gadgeteer program. The code is marked up where I made changes.

The SimpleWPFApplication is ok but had to change quite a bit (read - ugly) because the button handling in the sample hooks up button events from GPIO - works well on the emulator but I don’t know how to do this on the Spider through Gadgeteer module interfaces.

Nice thing is that the .net samples give a quick intro on how to draw scrollable text, lines, shapes, boxes, icons, etc and they work now on the T35.

I need some guidance on how to share code files with this community.

Next stop - to add some controls with touch events so I don’t have to rely on hardware buttons.


It will help someone. There is nothing big or small :slight_smile:

Click on the “Code” link at the top.
Click on the “Create” link and go about filling the form



there is a whole package (VS2010 solution) so probably good to load into a code samples area?


You can attach it as an attachment or use the Wiki to make a full page for the application.


I’m interested to know the trics how a SimpleWPFApplication can be converted to a Gadgeteer application. Are the sources available somewhere in the code samples area?