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I can't deploy to fez domino


Hi friends,

i have win7 ultimate operating system, vs2010 ultimate and latest softwares for Fez Domino, but i can’t deploy to Fez Domino. When i want to do it, I have an error message “please check your hardware”. is there any body that know how it can solve this problem.

Best Regards.



Welcome to the forum!

Try these things:

-check your usb cable
-try different usb port
-connect external power to your board or use powered usb hub

-search this forum for answers (some of the topics have been discussed multiple times)


A few more things to try:

When you run MFDeply can you choose USB -> USBizi and get a ping response?

If not, can you push the reset and see The US Bizi option pops up eventemporarily?

Have you deployed any programs prior to this problem? Sometimes existing code can interfere such as in hibernate mode. In that case bootloader can be used to erase existing deployment.

One other thing although it probably doesn’t apply to your problem is if the serial debug jumper is installed you won’t be able to use USB debug for deployment. Since you have to solder in the jumper or jumper connector for the Domino you probably would have mentioned that.

Good luck. There’s a lot of help available via the forum if you’re still stuck.


Looking at your username, maybe this applies:


Bilal, if Eric’s suggestion doesn’t fix it, there’s another thing to try. A few minutes a go I was trying to deploy to a Domino and it failed with the “check your hardware” error message. It reminded me that sometimes I have to go to the Properties window, select serial interface and immediately change back to USB, USBizi_USBizi. It’s as though Visual Studio was confused about the interface and needs to be reminded. Anyway, it is something that happens from time to time.