I²C on Raptor Board does not work

Hello Forum,

I am Michael from Germany.

Now I have the Raptor board connected to my existing MCP23017. I cant address these electronics. The NETMF always throws an exception in response. I tried it with the example of your documentation: https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/12/i2c. But it does not work.
Other electronics, such as eg. the accelerometer works when I use it with the original library. But should I do so in the example, it does not work. Although the accelerometer with the original Lybrary at the same address works great.

On the Raptor board, firmware 4.3 is installed.

What can be the problem? :frowning:

What is “the original library”?

The address can be same but when lower layer receive it, it can be different.
Try something like (address>>1) or (address<<1) (because 0x38 just 6 bits)

Also, the example you visited it separates Read and Write transactions. Check the device datasheet if it requires repeat start condition.