I am spell bound :)

Excuse the video quality but I am all excited to do more :slight_smile:

Congrats :clap:

Did you film the soldering ?

Hahaha that music is awesome :smiley:
Glad you got it to work! Great! ;D

@ Randoom
I did not film the soldering :-(. My camera does not autofocus, lighting was mediocre and my 30W soldering iron [no temperature control and plugs into the wall socket] will be in the way.

May be I will try something soon.

@ Foekie

The first DIY NETMF device on this planet, this is what I am talking about :slight_smile: What is next? Making it in volume and selling it on ebay? lol

It doesn’t have the million feature available from the GHI’s propitiatory firmware but you have full source code for you or community to add whatever you like :slight_smile:

1000 points, congratulations on the new rank BTW :wink:

This is a good place to ask this: we want to start new repository, maybe on codeplex, for the open source firmware. Anyone interested in working on this? GHI will be adding a lot of code in but we want users to test it.

Edit: Raj, feel free to offer these boards to other members here even if you are making money.


It is so exciting. With this music? even more exciting 8)

Opps, I added 2000 points not 1000 :wink: Fixed :smiley:

Thank you Gus.

Thnk you Randoom :slight_smile:

I have built several boards in the past and have had a lot of problems to get the working and had more failures than success :slight_smile:

But building the FEZ hacker was a total different story. It took less than 2 hours to get the chip on the board, build the framework as presented on the ebook and blink my first LED.

Could you please tell us how many PCBs did you order, where, and what was the total PCB cost ?


I have the prices put up at http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/17/1385/

Hi Rajesh

I have Developed the FEZ hacker board , and got stuck in a problem

i can flash the TinyBooterDecompressor.hex suessfully but when i was trying to deploy tinyclr nothing happens , help me out of this please . how did you managed to get working with fez hacker. here is the vid
[url]MOV00221.mp4 - YouTube

FezHacker, please do not place multiple posts. The community is great about helping and there is no need to post multiple times