I am going to go out of my mind tryign to deal with Skype

So last Saturday I get an email from Skype that my account was suspended due to suspicious activity. I try to log into Skype.com and sure enough it is suspended and I have to jump through all sorts of hoops to get it back. Then it happens again today!!! I get one email form them that it is fixed, but it is not, but I ‘might’ be able to sign into Skype, but maybe not. Then I get an email from them saying they did not like my answers on the forms I have now spilled out 5 times so my account was still suspended, but I could fill the forms out again.

In the course of this when it says it is changing my Skype password it actually changes my Live password. Then suddenly it reverted to my live account from 5 years ago (with old password and all) and poof all of my files that were on OneDrive were gone! I forced OneDrive to stop. Restarted it and made it let me log in again, using the last password I had just set an hour before and poof all my OneDrive files are back.

I tired the online chat with a Skype rep who was beyond useless. WTF is going on Microsoft???

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Fun with Skype and Microsoft.

Some noob developer probably tripped over his code, and damaged your account.

The questions they ask on the form you have to fill out are absurd.

  1. When did you create your Skype account (mm/yy)?
  2. Did you use a credit card or PayPal to last purchase Skype credit?
  3. etc.

It is the most absurd situation possible. I mean, who the hell would remember those things? I mean it has been a year or more since I have purchased any Skype credit and it has been many years since I created an account. How freaking stupid!


Turn on two-factor authentication for your Microsoft/Skype account.

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I can log into my Skype account via my MS Live account but I can’t change anything not even unlink them. So I don’t even think I can delete my old Skype account and create a new one to link with my Live account. Their system is the height of stupidity and their customer service sucks.