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Hyperlinks open in same tab - please make them open in separate


Is it possible to open external links in a separate window?


No need for a change to the site.

If you’re on desktop, just press the Ctrl key then click the link. On a mobile device, tap and hold the link, and one of the options should be to open in a new tab.


If this is not a feature in the discourse platform, and I do not think it is, then we can’t fix it.


Thanks Mr Hammer for that lesson in browsers :smile: :wink: Yep I get that, I know how to do that, but when you expect the site to handle it (as per before) it’s a hard lesson to unlearn :slight_smile: I’m fine if it doesn’t let that be tweaked, but if it can be changed in the discourse settings I know I for one would appreciate it.


There is a setting for this.


Done, please try.


not sure it worked - on existing URLs anyway. Test a new link to see if that works better/differently… Nope, confirmed, still behaves the same for me


This is why (it is in your profile)


ha - it’s ME who needs to make a change ! :slight_smile: Yup, works for me :slight_smile: :smile: :blush:


Accepting change can be hard as we age.