Hydra USBHost?

Will it ever be possible to connect USBHost to Hydra ?


Yes possible. Get a a MAX3421 chip, put on a module, write drivers…and you will have USB Host

Hey, that sounds easy! :smiley:

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i know that you would say something like this :smiley:
Writing drivers is not my favourite, no plan where to start and how.
give me a roadmap and i will try, that’s something freaking that interesting me 8)


Another question, is it possible to connect the Spider USBHost module to Hydra and use it as the hardware component. Then writing a driver to get success ?


The module is type H, there is no socket H on hydra.

Will GHI add this feature for Hydra in future, if not then does anyone know any off shelf module/circuit powerd by MAX3421 that can be connected to SPI socket, Thanks

Well, in case no one did this before I’m thinking to try and write such driver, though I have a question before that.
I see that “Maxim Integrated” selling 2 versions of this chip - MAX3421EEHJ+ and MAX3421EETJ+ . anyone have an idea, what’s the difference? Which one used on spider?

I doubt any would be used on Spider; it’s a native function of the processor AFAIK

Will GHI add Socket Extensions ?

I mean something like this:
[ul]S → H[/ul]
[ul]S → R,G,B,T[/ul]
[ul]I → H[/ul]
[ul]I → R,G,B,T[/ul]

These extensions will allow more flexible use of the power of one processor (Spider / Hydra / etc)

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