Hydra - Problem deploying

when I deploy the Hydraboard with a new Software, I have got the Problem that I always have to Reset the board in the deploying step
"The Debugging Target is not in an initialized state; rebooting", thats no Problem but my board is build in a Robot System and so I always have disconnect the USB Connector. Have anybody a suggestion ?

Try adding a short wait at the beginning of your program to be sure you aren’t blocking the debugger from attaching.

@ ianlee74 - How? adding a Sleep? or what else?

Thread.Sleep will work.


@ Architect - Is that valid even for gadgeteer?? i mean in the start method?

yes it’s totally valid to use thread.sleep in ProgramStarted(). The Gadgeteer library tells you when that startup time exceeds 10 secs so you likely only want to do that for a few seconds, and only while you’re in rapid development/deployment mode. It also depends on where your race condition is, but a simple sleep for 5 secs at the start will usually give you sufficient time to hit F5 to deploy, hit the reset button and have the debugging engine deploy your new app successfully and still not impact your app’s operation too much

Grate! i will try this… but before i will download the latest SDK and i will flash the new firmware… let’s see… let’s see…