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Hydra needs to be reflashed a lot


I hope I am doing something wrong, because right now I really hate my Hydras, the Cerbs were just easy.

When I work with the Hydra I frequently find that it becomes completely unresponsive and I end up having to reflash the firmware. I see this happen just when trying to deploy updated code, or when I unplug from wall then plug into USB or unplug from USB and plug into wall.

I have added a physical button to my project and pressing the button shuts down the web server, stops a timer, clears my LCD, and then calls System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.Abort();, and I have issues much less frequently (maybe 80% less), but it still happens too frequently.

When it gets into the stuck state, it shows up as an unrecognized device, but then I can use the microSD with that boot file and then re-flash it, , but until I reflash it I can never seem to get it to release. And I have this problem with both of my Hydra’s.

The Cerbs on the other hand seem so rock solid you could probably throw them on the side walk, run over them with a tank, then plug them in and have them work just fine.


How are you powering your boards?


I had heard of the power demans, so I have tried with just USB and with a 5v barrel connector on the DP that can supply up to 1000mA and I still it get stuck. I also have found that the button and logic I added makes it happen much less even with just being powered by USB.


The power connector is not 5v. Try 12v


Oh. I’ll see if I can find one to buy. How much power does the Hydra NEED to run? I seem to have no problems with it running on 5v with 500mA, it is just when it gets cycled that it gets stuck. I’ve had it running for 3 months without problem, but I haven’t updated the code at all.


We recommend 1A or more