Hydra Major Issue

I was setting up my Rev 1.1 to work with the RTC (crystal already mounted by GHI on this rev). So super simple wrote code to get and set time from the RTC. All went swimmingly. Then I attached a 1.2v battery to keep the RTC powered.

I put the GND to common GND and the VCC to Pin 5 on Socket 1 per the schematics. Seemed ok, until I reset the board. Now my Hydra isn’t recognized as anything. At all. No USB. No COM port. Nothing. I’ve tried all the usual update methods. The program, boot.bin on the SD card and the jumper from Pin 8 to GND on socket 3. Nothing works.

I have no idea what to do at this point.

sorry to hear that… I was about to go RTCing on my Hydra this week too, now I might wait.

What I would do is see what happens when you don’t have a battery in, and check Device Manager by going back thru the firmware erase method.

First thing I did was remove the battery. Device manager shows nothing.

Rma time :frowning:

Any suggestions from GHI?

According to the Schematics, everything you did was correct. How did you try to connect the battery to the board?

I used an extender module. I connected the module to Socket #1 (Z) and then connected jumper wires to GND & 5.

Is there any possibility that you are shorting the reset pin that is on pin 3?

I don’t think so. It was into a solderless breadboard, so unless there was a fault there I can’t see a short having happened. I’d also think if it was a reset issue that removing the circuit would fix the problem.

Just to cover any other possibilities, did you do the typical things like check the power, check the voltages, etc? Possibly change the Cables from the power module to the Board? Other than those suggestions, I am unsure what the problem could be. An RMA may be necessary. You will have to go through the standard channels though to acquire one.

I have multiple power options I could try. Although, I’m sure the board is being powered since the red “power” LED does turn on. I’ll try a couple of different cables as well.

If I do need to go with RMA, where is the proper place to start? 3 years of working with GHI and this would be the first time I ever had to send anything back (except that one time there was a shipping mistake. :wink: )

Contact us page is where to start.

Thanks. I’m going to spend some more time trying to address this first. The Hydra is a very robust little device, I still have faith I can bring it back online as long as that power LED comes on. :wink: