Hydra LCD corruption

Hi All,

I finally connected my Hydra to an 800x600 LCD, but I’m having problems.

The image is corrupted, as if the pixels are in the wrong order. I can almost read the TinyBooter.

As you can see in the second image, the LCD works just fine connected to a G120HDR.

This looks like a memory corruption problem.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

PS. Don’t know if the images are going to post…

@ CC - Have you used FezConfig to initialize the LCD?

Hi Mike,

Sorry about the delayed reply. Annoying 7 hours first post delay.

Yes, Used FezConfig for setup.

Same config on both G120 and Hydra.

If I deploy the default Hello World forms application then the Hello World is also corrupted.

Thank you,

Try lowering the clock. Try 4mhz.

Hi Gus,

That would give me less than 8fps, and is way out of spec for the display. The display specifies a clock of between 34MHz and 40MHz.

But I will try it tomorrow at 4MHz.

Thank you,

Changed the clock to 4MHz.

I would try to reverse the clock and the other signals, just to try and see what happens.