Hydra deployment

Is it normal to have to hit the rest button twice to get an app to deploy and start a debug session?

On the spider most of the time I can just hit debug and it will deploy and start running in debug mode.

@ Cowboy - I cannot speak authoritatively on this, but In my experience the Hydra can be a little finicky with the deployments. In fact just last night I was deploying to the Hydra and I had exactly this issue that I needed to deploy/reset/deploy before it worked.

@ taylorza - Thanks

At least I don’t get the BSOD on the Hydra like I do on the spider when I hit the reset (knock on wood!).

It is a pleasure!

I hope your luck with the BSOD holds out with the Hydra. I reset a few times last night and I did not get any BSOD, so lets hold thumbs that it stays that way.