Hydra Chipset?

If this question is better geared for a phone call to GHI just say so.
I realize that if i wanted to create my own EMX like module i could simply buy a USBizi144 Chipset,
Its clear that if i buy the USBizi144 Chipset, GHI is continuing to be paid for their hard work.
But what if i wanted to make my own Hydra module, what would i do then ?
How can i ensure that GHI’s hard work on the Hydra firmware will be paid for in me making my own modules ?

Hydra is open source, take it and do whatever you want to do with it even commercially, at no fee, as long as within the license. Details here http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=FEZ_Hydra_Developer

How does GHI benefit from this? We can manufacture your module. We offer all kind of consulting services as well. These are optional of course but if you needed consulting on NETMF, you know who is the leader :slight_smile:

Very good to know, i will have to call and do just that as i want to help keep GHI the leader.

But i would like to ask a very naive question concerning this. why make it open source when you put so much hard work into it ?

Because sooner or later you will come to us with some cash, for consulting, for deign, for manufacturing, or to buy a volume of our closes source modules. Hydra can not do what EMX and ChipwrokX can do.

Gus, that’s inexcusable :slight_smile: That one should be in your iPhone’s dictionary by now !!! :wink:

Yes :slight_smile:

Hi Gus, i have about the same wish as Jdal. I have send a request by e-mail to your sales dept.