Hydra 4.2 Touch Screen

Is the touch screen not working on 4.2?

I believe so. Not on release notes?

I think I just couldn’t find it. I thought I remembered seeing something about it but search wasn’t working turning anything up for me.

I’m running 4.2 and getting absolutely nothing from the touch screen at the moment.

I’m also having issues with my Hydra under 4.2 with the Display_T35. I can get it to show images and graphics but am getting no touch events. I’m running the standard touch code for listeners (forgive any typos but I usually let this auto-generate):

display_T35.WPFWindow.TouchUp += new Microsoft.SPOT.Input.TouchEventHandler(WPFWindow_TouchUp);
display_T35.WPFWindow.TouchDown += new Microsoft.SPOT.Input.TouchEventHandler(WPFWindow_TouchDown);
display_T35.WPFWindow.TouchMove += new Microsoft.SPOT.Input.TouchEventHandler(WPFWindow_TouchMove);

Each callback function is just:


but never actually fires when I touch the screen. So far I have tried a finger and a couple non-magnetic stylus and I get no events raised. I’ve already re-installed VS2010 after another issue so I’m also confident that I have the latest version of the framework.

I am not getting errors but when I check the value of


it comes up as null. Not certain if that is significant or not, but the docs on MSDN (Touch.ActiveTouchPanel Property | Microsoft Learn) say that this normally “Gets the TouchPanel object associated with the touch panel that is currently active.” Not sure if this is true in 4.2 or not.

Is there anything I can do to establish this within the project to activate the touch capabilities on the Hydra board using the T35 board?


Add me to this… T35 is a total fail right now.

Here is my code…

http://pastebin.com/r5RPK5QE , and the program.cs file is here http://pastebin.com/RCtZRCb5

Works fine in the emulator.


Yes, touch feature don’t work under 4.2…

This has been in release notes from the beginning. Please see this http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=7457

When will it work unter 4.2?

Not sure as we have some plans for this, maybe couple weeks. I like to remind you that this is open source firmware so you can get it from 4.1 and add to 4.2 if you like to dig into it right away.

Hi, can you show some samples for this action with toutch panel? (4.2 has no support this stuff in 23 jul build)

Hi Volhv,


Here is a link to managed touch drivers to that will work for the Hydra and the T35 touch screen. The driver, however, does not have any calibration so you would have to add that to the driver; otherwise, the further you go from the origin point (0,0) the further off the coordinates are.

Hi, Aron