Hunting a end-of-wire hall sensor - any ideas/comments

Hi again

I am playing with a prototype that are having three hall sensors to detect moving parts in all sorts of weather.

The controller is in a box, and the moving parts are 10-40 cms from the box in three different directions.

What I would love is a hall sensor that can be solderen to a three-way-wire and then crimp-flex it into a water-tight end-of-wire-hall-sensor.

My current favorite is this one AH1751-PG-B-A Diodes Incorporated | Mouser Denmark

In a SIP packing. All this should be wired to a “sensor-board” with the required pull-ups and Capacitor stuff.

Would that be possible?

What moving parts are you trying to detect?

I cant reveal the purpose of the prototype, but its stuff made of metal, where I can mount magnets. The sensitivity is required is to see a normal fridge magnet in about 5-8 cms as the precision of the product is low, and sensibility can be adjusted in timers.

I think these sensors have a short range. I can’t find that info in the datasheet though.

Shouldn’t be hard to make a prototype and test.

I’ve never seen one that has more than a couple of centimeter range so think your 5-8cm requirement might be pushing it.

I just tried a quick and dirty test with the compass module and can get detection ranges in excess of 15cm at the default sensitivity so a magnetometer might be a feasible option.


Hmm, interesting ideas. Will do some experiments and get back. Thanks for input.